AST Testing Centres

An array of 38 rigorous testing centres dotted around China ensure that high-calibre students who aspire to be admitted to leading universities overseas do not need to travel a vast distance to sit the AST; this helps widen access.

Ambright Institute of Educational and Scientific Research, which oversees the AST, has a firm relationship with myriad Chinese schools – from the northeast to southern Hainan Island and western Gansu province – which serve as certified AST test centres.

All test centre schools (which have undergone a careful screening procedure and the appointment of an on-site administrator) have been invited to join training programmes offered by Ambright Institute of Educational and Scientific Research free of charge.

The purpose of the AST test centres is of course to benefit students across the country – to allow them to access leading overseas universities’ presentations, seminars, or forums organised by the Ambright Institute of Educational and Scientific Research; and to ensure that gifted students can sit the rigorous test without having to travel far.

The AST National Network

Distributed over 19 provinces, the AST currently has 38 testing sites in China, most of which are located at nationally top-ranked schools.

AST administrators have worked closely with these high schools for many years, in order to provide high-quality testing services.

The AST welcomes more high schools to participate in this programme, in particular to help accelerate the internationalisation of China's education system and to widen access further.