• When is the deadline for registration? May I register after the deadline?
  • The annual deadline for regular registration for the AST exam is May 31st. A 200 RMB fee will be charged for late registration, which runs from 1st to 30th June.

  • How do I choose which tests to sit?
  • AST has 3 subjects: English, Mathematics, and Physics. Students may choose the subject according to the universities’ requirements.

  • How do I choose a testing site?
  • In order to broaden access, the AST is offered at 38 testing centres across China. Typically, students should choose the location nearest to them.

  • May I apply to change the site?
  • Should students wish to change their testing site, they must apply before 30st July. After this date, the AST centre will not accept any requests for site changing.

  • If necessary, how do I cancel? What should I do if I want my fee reimbursed?
  • Any candidates who are unable to sit the test should send the “Test Cancel Request Form” and “Refund Request” to the AST centre before May 31st (via fax, receipt confirmed with AST staff by telephone). Fees are typically refunded to your account in October.

  • Is there a deadline for refund requests? May I have a refund without sending the request or sending the request after the deadline?
  • The deadline for refund requests is May 31st.

  • How much will be reimbursed if the refund request is accepted?
  • Once your refund request is confirmed, you will receive 50% of your exam fee back.


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