AST for Your Institution

AST is the gateway to elite universities. In 2002, Cambridge adopted the AST as one of its screening measures for pre-selecting Chinese students for interview for admission to undergraduate courses. Students who are admitted to University of Cambridge through use of the AST do not typically need to take pre-university courses; they are usually admitted directly to the relevant undergraduate course 

The results speak for themselves: in over 15 years that the AST has been used by the University of Cambridge, over a hundred students have gained admission to the University of Cambridge via the test, while several hundred others have been admitted to schools that have signed up since then. 61% of students admitted to Cambridge Engineering have achieved first class honors in all parts of Tripos (IA, IB, IIA, IIB). In comparison, the university average for other students is 28%.

Global Recognition-AST Partner SchoolsUniversity of Cambridge; University of Durham; University of Warwick; University of Bristol; University of Edinburgh; University of Glasgow; University of Nottingham; University of Reading; Cardiff University; Tennessee Technological University; The University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Boca Prep International School;  University of Auckland; Singapore Nanyang Technological University.

Cutting-edge Research and Development

AST boasts a dedicated group of education experts who design exam papers at the AST Centre. These experts – on average – have been engaged in education research work for over two decades.

With their rich testing experience and international insight, they work on continious development of the test to ensure that it exactly mirrors the academic level and comprehensive study ability of test participants under international criterion.

In addition, the exam marking group is made up of senior teachers from various subject fields. The AST center randomly assigns the exam marking group members, which ensures the fairness and transparency of the exam paper.

AST is a truly aptitude and proficiency test which reflects and respects cultural diversity as it is currently the ONLY test available that balances international assessment standards with Chinese cultural characteristics. 

AST has strict test design, development and validation processes. These processes ensure that every version of the test is of a comparable level of difficulty. 


Security Integrity and Quality Control 

The security of AST material and test results is critical, numerous procedures are in place to safeguard the test and test results. All AST tests and test centers are subject to the highest quality controls, security procedures and integrity management practices.