Why AST?

  1. AST was developed with the Chinese GaoKao in mind. The GaoKao is one of the most rigorous academic tests available* and is taken by some of the most elite students in the world.
  2. Because the AST is specifically designed for Chinese students, on a platform closest to their normal expectations for performance they can culturally understand, therefore it offers a rare look at the true ability of these focused students.
  3. Difficulty level is higher than that of A-level or AP exams.
  4. AST is associated with a program that has access to the top high schools and students across China since 2007.
  5. AST is objective and requires personal thought, self expression and logical explanation when answering test questions.
  6. Students who have taken the AST and have been admitted subsequently to the University of Cambridge have performed significantly better than that of the overall student cohort, and it is clear that the test has proven extremely useful in helping to identify students who are best qualified for admission. These students have consistently achieved first-class honors results in their Cambridge undergraduate examinations, and have been an excellent addition to the University.